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All Configurations

Below is a table that list all configuration for this add-on.

Name Type Web Location CLI Location* Description
Crowdstrike Devices Lookup - Gen Saved Search Settings > Searches reports, and alerts savedsearches.conf Populates the lookup file crowdstrike_devices.
Crowdstrike Devices Lookup - Cleanup Saved Search Settings > Searches reports, and alerts savedsearches.conf removes old entries from kvstore lookup: crowdstrike_devices.
crowdstrike_devices lookup Settings > Lookups > Lookup definitions transforms.conf Lookup definition for the KVStore collection crowdstrike_devices_collection.
crowdstrike_devices_collection KVStore collection n/a** collections.conf KVStore configuration.
sa_crowdstrike_index Search macro Settings > Advanced Search > Search Macros macros.conf Index definition for the crowdstrike index that contains the sourcetype crowdstrike:device:json.
sa_crowdstrike_retention Search macro Settings> Advanced Search > Search Macros macros.conf The amount of time for the device not being updated before it is removed from the lookup. default "-2d"
identity_manager://crowdstrike_devices Asset lookup configuration Enterprise Security > Configure > Data Enrichment > Asset and Identity Management > Asset Lookups inputs.conf Asset configuration lookup to load Crowdstrike devices into the asset database.

*CLI locations are relative to ../default. Any update to CLI configuration files should be done in the local directory.

**If you have the Splunk App for Lookup File Editing, the KVStore collection crowdstrike_devices_collection is viewable within the Web interface.

Last update: February 18, 2023