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Asset Database Mapping

The following table describes how this add-on maps to the Asset Database.

reference Format an asset or identity in Splunk ES

ES Asset lookup field Crowdstrike Device TA Fields Example value Multi-value allowed
ip falcon_device.local_ip true
mac mac 61:se:e3:1s:7r:38 true
nt_host falcon_device.hostname dev-server01 false
dns nt_host + falcon_device.machine_domain true
owner n/a not mapped n/a
priority see Configure Priority medium false
lat from iplocation of falcon_device.external_ip 40.76073 false
long from iplocation of falcon_device.external_ip -111.89096 false
city from iplocation of falcon_device.external_ip Salt Lake City false
country from iplocation of falcon_device.external_ip United States false
bunit falcon_device.ou{} + falcon_device.site_name computer,finance true
category see Category field reference see Category field reference true
pci_domain n/a not mapped n/a
is_expected n/a not mapped n/a
should_timesync n/a not mapped n/a
should_update n/a not mapped n/a
requires_av n/a not mapped n/a
cim_entity_zone n/a not mapped n/a

Last update: February 18, 2023